• You must provide your insurer with a full and accurate account of what happened. If applicable, be sure to supply photos or diagrams.
  • Keep a record of when and whom you spoke to in regards to your insurance claim. Ask for a reference number of the conversation. This will make it easier for them to retrieve your information if it needs to be reviewed for anything promised or said to you during your conversations. View our insurance tools section to find helpful insurance tools.
  • Keep a file of all information regarding your insurance claim and throw nothing away, including the damaged property, until your insurance claim has been approved. You may need it to prove your claim.
  • If you are unhappy with the insurance adjustor ‘s assessment regarding your insurance claim, you may want to hire an independent insurance expert.


For more independant information regarding insurance claims go to



This is our assessment process for the majority of insurance companies however some insurance companies require their assessors to assess the vehicle.

  • Arranging your vehicle for repair
    • When your claim has been accepted by your Insurance company, we will contact you to book in your vehicle for repair.
    • Loan cars are available at $20.00 a day. If you require a replacement car then your booking may be subject to
      the availability of a car.
    • Our office staff will advise if the insurance excess still applies.
    • On the day of repair, please drop off your vehicle before 9.30am unless otherwise organised with staff.
    • We will keep you informed of progress with the repair, either by telephone or text messaging
    • Sometimes there are issues with the repair process, we will keep you informed if this is the case with your vehicle.
  • The quotation process
    • Call in or book a time to have your work quoted. This will take approximated 15 minutes of your time.
    • Our Assessor will take pictures of the work to be done, and work out the time needed to do the work.
    • Parts prices will be sourced for your vehicle and added to the quote at the agreed margin.
    • You will need to logde a claim with your insurance company. This may take place before or after the assessment process with us
  • Vehicle Assessment
    • Your insurance company should inform you if you will be required to leave your vehicle with us for the day.
    • You will need to leave your vehicle with by 9.30am, so that we can arrange for the insurance assessor to assess your vehicle.
  • Work additional to insurance claim
    • If you have asked for additional work to be done, over and above accident damage
    • This work will be ideally, quoted at the same time as your accident damage, however we can negoitiate this at any time.
    • Private work will be invoiced to you separately to the insurance excess. 
  • Upon repair completion
    • We will contact you when the repair is complete and give you a time to collect your vehicle
  • Pickup and payment
    • Payment in full is required before your vehicle can be collected.
    • Payment Options Visa Mastercard Eftpos Cash and Cheque if arranged with management prior to repair.